The likelihood of a customer purchasing from your brand after a second or third purchase is 2x greater than after buying just once from you.
Customer retention strategies like personalized email marketing and incentive programs should sit at the top of your marketing team’s priority list.
All this can be done, with the help of infusion of AI into marketing and can aid decision-making and automation to free up valuable executive time.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the umbrella term for the algorithms, technologies and techniques that make machines smarter, and give them superhuman capabilities.

Marketing and Sales prioritize AI and machine learning higher than any other department in enterprises today. 

Some examples of AI that can aid marketeers are Chatbots, Voice search, Predictiveness analysis, Lead scoring, etc.

How AI works?

Some of the most successful digital companies have built their product offerings around the ability to provide highly relevant and personalized product or content recommendations – including Amazon, Netflix and Spotify

This all comes from AI-based clustering and interpreting of consumer data paired with profile information and demographics. These AI-based systems continually adapt to your likes and dislikes and react with new recommendations tailored in real-time

As customers become used to the level of personalized recommendations provided by services like Netflix and Spotify, they look for other brands to provide the same experience.

Artificial Intelligence is the Marketing Game Changer. It helps to integrate across tools, datasets and platforms. You can engage more efficiently your customers by providing them personalized and perfectly tailored services.